TOP-ART s.r.o.
- sale of paintings and artworks
- production of artistic wooden frames for paintings and mirrors
- handmade wooden carvings made to order


TOP-AB s.r.o.
- company establishing
- ready made s.r.o.
- accounting and tax consultancy
- insurance consultancy and counselling on insurance events


ALAF s.r.o.
- financial and legal consultancy
- personal development training
- ready made s.r.o.
- liquidation of insurance events


- sale of building materials
- construction and reconstruction of houses, multifunctional buildings, industrial objects and their parts (roofs, facades, infill construction, etc.)
- complex supply and installation of roofs of all kinds and types
- supply of material to realize roofs – wood, all kinds of roofing
- development of complete project documentation, including interiors and exteriors


"ROSS" Realitno - obchodno stavebná spoločnosť, spol. s r.o.
- development of complete project documentation
- management in the building industry and trade
- construction of residential and public building
- realization of civil engineering
- regeneration of city centres and village centres
- complex supply and installation of industrial sheds
- complex supply of wastewater treatment plants, sewage components for industrial and residential units


Top Europen s.r.o.
- purchase of real estate (family houses, flats, cottages, commercial buildings, lands)
- brokering the sale and purchase of properties
- brokering the rent of properties
- advertising and promotional activities