Our company is based on the traditions of the original cabinetmaking and furniture-making workshops, i.e. solid wood furniture manufacturing (especially oak, European and American Walnut) by original procedures. These traditional procedures guarantee high quality of our offered products and also their long lifetime, very often overrunning lifetime of the house itself.

To meet this target we use a broad process of woodworking. So after a careful selection of the tree, we saw round timber by a band saw, then timber is stored in special storages for at least 3 years and finally wood is dried in a condensation kiln at the temperature max. of 50 °C (this drying method does not disrupt the internal structure of wood). The wood dried in this way is subsequently stored in the dry timber storage and becomes an essential basis of our high quality products.

Although modern machinery for production of solid wood furniture is necessary nowadays, handwork plays an important role in the production of every single piece of furniture. Especially handwork guarantees desired personal approach which is a key element of final quality.

If you wish to become owners of first-rate and original wooden made-to-measure products, you are in the right place. Our selection includes individual architectural design according to your wishes and requirements.